Recent research reported that oral sex plays a crucial role in relationships. Victorian Milan had conducted this study, which was participated by 9,107 active males and females. It aims to know the significance of oral sex in marriage.

Oral sex has been long known as a sign and intimacy between couples. In relation to this, about 85% of men and 72% of women insist that every lover should perform oral sex once in a while. Why? These reasons will explain everything;

  1. It helps you become healthier than ever.

This is a fact, not a joke. You can actually reap several health benefits from giving and receiving a blowjob. Giving a man a head can ease stress, lessen the risk of prostate and colon cancer and lower blood pressure. Aside from these health benefits, blowjobs can also improve men’s sexual experience. Some people say that sex without oral sex is like chewing a sandwich without meat.

So as much as possible, fulfill his needs sexually to give him more motivation to pleasure you more as well.

  1. It helps ease the pain.

Did you know that semen contains endorphins and oxytocin which works as painkillers? Simply put, a blowjob can aid in relieving pain through the nutrients found in a man’s sperm. Yes, sperm can do such miracles. Hence, the next time you scream because of body pain, give your husband a head! Those pains will surely go away.

  1. It aids in reducing morning sickness for pregnant women.

Is your pregnant wife having hard time dealing with morning sickness? Worry no more because you can reduce it now. Based from studies, you can help stop this through letting your wife ingest some of your semen.

As weird as it seems, semen can really help as it contains essential nutrients needed in eliminating morning sickness. Moreover, it has been found that the qualities of your sperm blend with hormones and neutralize these raging hormones.

  1. No more breast cancer.

No doubt that breast cancer becomes prevalent these days for women whose age is more than 40. Fortunately, oral sex can help you avoid this condition. Recent researches revealed that those who involve in oral sex at least two to three times every week have lower chances to suffer from breast cancer.

  1. It will lead you to a happier life.

There’s an adage that says “A happy wife is a happy life.” Oral sex in women or also known as cunnilingus pleasures women A LOT.  As a matter of fact, they experience more pleasure than the pleasure they can give to their man as they give them a head.

How is that possible?

The reason lies within their clitoris. You should know that multitudes of nerve endings can be found at the tip of women’s clitoris, roughly 8,000. Apart from that, clitoris is an organ tailored specifically for pleasure.

During your lovemaking session, you mainly miss the whole clitoris. Be aware that most women love to have their clitoris stimulated so they can reach their climax. For a man to fully satisfy his partner, it’s imperative to be creative in using his mouth, tongue, and hands. Cunnilingus does the work!

With it, a woman would feel like she’s the most beautiful woman on Earth. Stimulating her clitoris directly will also help a male partner produce a longer-lasting, more intense and powerful erection while leaving his partner satisfied as well.

Knowing these oral sex benefits, plan now how you’ll reciprocate your partner’s gesture.

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