As things get more advanced, more people are turning to the internet to find their ideal match. Whether you prefer using a website or an app, online dating can be overwhelming especially if you are new to this industry. With thousands of profiles and potential dates, there are important considerations to getting it right.

For this purpose, we’ve listed seven proven tips to help you connect faster and succeed at the online dating world;

Pick Wisely

Choosing the right online dating platform is actually half the battle. It’s crucial to evaluate what works on each online dating site or app and pick the ones that provide the best reviews and likelihood of success.

Show Your Worth

Just because you got her attention and her number doesn’t mean your job ends there. As you transition into texting, make sure to stay in touch, learn more about her major interests, laugh at her jokes, take advantage of the humorous GIFs and check your spelling and grammar to raise your chances of snagging a second date.

Boost Your Profile

Depending on the site you are in, it can be as simple as a head shot or as dense as a master’s thesis. Boosting your profile will help you capture swipes and likes more effectively. It can pay to be creative with your username, show your genuine smile, include some of your best qualities and add other photos of you with your friends or family that show you’re having a good time.

Message Quality Matters

Watch your language. Absolute words will help convey certainty. Ideally, your messages shouldn’t be any longer than those of your correspondent. When talking to someone, make sure to mention their first name, it makes a message feel intimate and works like eye contact.

Keep Your Guard Up

Thousands of people were fleeced in romance scams, so keep your guard up to avoid this problem. Don’t send those nudes so fast because criminals extort you by threatening to post them. Ensure you’re dealing with real people by calling them sooner rather than later. Do some digging for information about your date prior to meeting up.

Check Your Baggage

The rules of engagement are more complicated when you’re disclosing the details of your past. To make the conversation go smoothly – and without shame, reveal the fact before you meet if it’s about your recent divorce or if you’re already a dad. When it comes to sex issues, you can hold off until you know sex is in the picture.

Set a Date

The average chat session should not go longer than two days before you set a date. Once she’s on board, plan to meet up and study the rules. For instance, Match survey says, by suggesting sushi for dinner, you’ll boost your odds of getting a second date by 170%. Grab a nightcap and it’ll extend your date to two and a half hours. End the day with a kiss or a full-blown makeout session to leave an ecstatic first date experience and don’t forget to text on the way home to say your appreciation and interest for a second date.

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