Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez (Fray Tormenta)

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Born in San Agustín Metzquititlán, Hidalgo  on  February 5th 1945. Benitez is a Catholic priest that runs a home for orphans. Benitez struggled to provide for all of the orphans so he decided to fight as a luchador (wrestler) by night to make money to make ends meet. Fray Tormenta was his professional name he not only uses this name while wrestling but also when he gives mas, he inspired the movie “Nacho Libre” and others. Fray Tormenta is a true Hero he obtained fame as a wrestler not for selfish purposes but so that he could give his orphans a good home.


Although Fray Tormenta was born in Hidalgo he was raised in Mexico City. He was the sixteenth of seventeen children. He was a troubled child and started using drugs at a very young age. Tormenta started smoking Marijuana at the age of 13 and then continued to upgrade to really dangerous drugs, he took prescription pills, LSD and Cocaine. Drugs were his world he was using and selling. Tormenta said that his change came when one day he decided to go to speak to a priest to get advise. The priest kicked him out of the church and Tormentas was so angry he told him off. This event was what prompted his entrance to the seminary.


He was inducted into the Piarists Order at the age of 22. For being such and outstanding student, he was able to study philosophy and theology in Spain in Italy. In 1970 he returned to Mexico and settled in the port of Veracruz, to work with prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals. On May 26, He became a secular priest in the Diocese of Texcoco, where he founded an orphanage named “La Casa Hogar de los Cachorros de Fray Tormenta”, which would serve as the home of 270 children.He chose this name before his wrestling career.



Fray Tormenta ran up against many monetary problems, so this is where the idea to become a masked wrestler came to fruition. His first salary as a fighter was 200 pesos. He fought, José Ramírez, “The Leader” who after the fight became his teacher and won. They spent three years fighting and no one knew that the man with the yellow and red mask was a priest. Until “Huracan Ramirez”, the old, Daniel Garcia, discovered it. He made public Fray Tormentas secret, that was when his fame began and the money started coming in. Tormenta has stated that had he known that telling everyone that he was a priest would allow him to make more money for the orphans then he would have told everyone from the very beginning. Tormenta feared that if he told people he was a priest he would not have been taken seriously as a wrestler.


In real life, Fray Tormenta retired on July 3rd 2011 from professional wrestling, he still works at the orphanage as a priest, and has inspired one of his children to take up his mantle so that the legend of Fray Tormenta can live on. The masked wrestler, whose real name is unknown, calls himself Fray Tormenta Jr.

In 1991, French filmmakers made a movie loosely based on his life called L’Homme au masque d’or (The Man In The Golden Mask) starring Jean Reno.

In 2006, American film maker Jared Hess made another film loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta called Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black.

In 2007, Fray Tormenta appeared in the film Padre Tormenta as a priest who wears a luchador’s mask and enters the ring to raise funds for the orphanage he directs.



WCW 89- Fray Tormenta Feature





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