Surprisingly, women won’t actually forget the way your semen taste. Definitely, they remember everything about your cum—whether it’s slightly sweet, salty, delicious, bitter or disgusting.

So, if you’d like to shoot her mouth with fresh and fruity semen, add these foods on your daily diet:


Loaded with Vitamin C, celery aids in eliminating the salty taste in your semen. In addition to that, it requires more calories to fully digest it than what it has. So, it’s a good option you can store in your fridge.


This fruit is a taste-saver. It aids in normalizing your pH level that enhances your semen’s taste. Therefore, if you’d like to drink a cocktail, choose vodka and cranberry juice combo.

Honey and cinnamon


Long before, cinnamon has been recognized as an aphrodisiac space due to its ability to optimize the blood flow as well as warm up your body. Meanwhile, honey is a good sweetener which consists of antioxidant ingredients. With one tablespoon of honey and cinnamon blended with green tea, you can expect a better tasting cum on your next session.


It is more than a natural diuretic. Watermelon can also acts as a natural stamina-booster. Eating or drinking its juice every day will keep men powerful during lovemaking session and give off delicious semen, too.

Pineapple Juice

This fruit is good for both men and women. Women’s vagina is known to be acidic. Citrus fruits like grapefruit, pineapple and orange greatly help in regulating its delicate PH balance. It also adds sweetness to your secretion.

On the other hand, semen’s pH balance is purely alkaline. Hence, ingesting acidic fruits will aid in making it tastier than ever. Since pineapple contains more acid than other fruits, it pays off to eat one slice every day.


Change the taste of your semen through hydrating yourself all day long. Always bear in your mind that your seminal fluid consists water. If you don’t drink not enough amount of water, your ejaculation will come in low amount and won’t probably taste good.

Thus, make sure to drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water every day. This won’t just eliminate the harmful toxins within your body, but it will also make your semen taste better than before. Plus, it will boost your semen volume too, giving you a mind-boggling sex experience.

Try to avoid eating these foods:

  • Dairy foods. They increase the number of bacteria in the digestive tract. However, it does not mean they also add better flavor to your semen. Aside from that, dairy can make us bloated or gassy, which is a big turn-off during sex. Thus, try to keep away from yogurt, milk cheese and butter before your sexy time.
  • High-sulfur foods. This includes broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. They all intensify semen’s taste in a negative way.

There you have it — foods which can you eat to improve your cum’s taste. Make your next blowjob session awesome, especially when swallowing your secretion.

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