If you want to start dating eventually, trans dating sites are the best way to get in touch with the women you’re looking for in Dubai. Before you meet, you can talk and get to know them. If you use reputable sites, most will be real trans girls in Dubai who are looking for an actual relationship or someone to spend time with at the very least. Often, friendship leads to something much more promising and satisfying.  

When you chat, tell people you’re shy, and you’ve never been with a trans woman before. Being honest always helps.

Though the UEA discourages LBGT relationships, there is an unwritten rule: if you keep things under wraps, you’ll be ok. While this may prove somewhat hard, there are different ways to protect yourself in Dubai and enjoy a loving and safe relationship with a trans person.

Some trans women live openly but keeping a low profile always helps. Many of them wear the black dress (abaya) typical of Arab customs. This protects them from all kinds of communication and interaction. It’s good for them as they don’t want to be bothered. Plus, nobody checks them this way. Trans women have some way to go before they are recognized as members of Dubai society with the same rights as everyone else. Of course, this applies to all women here.  

You might have more luck picking up a trans woman living in Dubai as a foreigner. There are thousands of transsexuals from India, Thailand, Russia, the US, and the Philippines. There is a relatively large population of Filipino trans women because of the quality job opportunities. So, romance always stands a chance, even though dating a trans woman in Dubai is quite challenging. We can only hope love will win in the end.

Safety Tips

Avoid PDAs in Dubai regardless of whether you are in an LGBT or heterosexual relationship as they make a bad impression on authorities. Don’t talk to just everyone about your relationship. Be vigilant and behave yourself in pubs, clubs, and other entertainment venues. Don’t overshare on social media – the government and police might monitor them too. Finally, don’t think your car is safe. It’s not private, even though it’s your property. Sexual activity inside a vehicle can result in unwanted exposure and other negative consequences, both for you and your loved ones.

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