The four most well known neighbourhoods in Manila for finding sex workers are P Burgos Street, Ermita, Malate and ESDA Entertainment Complex. In this article we will go through all of these districts in detail and explain the main differences, pros and cons of each. Each of these areas has something different to offer the weary traveller. Not all areas have the same things to offer as far as bars, clubs, restaurants, pricing, girls, etc.

P Burgos Street

P Burgos Street is the most popular street in Manila for picking up girls. It is located in the main business district of Makati. P Burgos Street is the most popular street among tourists and is centrally located. It is an ideal location for a first time visitor to the Philippines as it has everything within a short distance away including massage parlours, restaurants, shopping, bars and it is centrally located. If you are looking for ladyboys, P Burgos Street is the going to be the best district to find them in the bars. Another option would be to use an online service like TS Escorts to find a companion.

Girls in some of the bars on P Burgos Street can be aggressive at times, asking for drinks as soon as they sit down, so that’s something to look out for.

Girls: 7/10

Bars: 8/10

Pricing: Mid-range to Expensive


Ermita is a district in the city of Manila. Ermita is one of the older red light districts in Manila and is a bit more run down than the other districts mentioned in this article. This is because the authorities have been cracking down on this neighbourhood for many years and this has had an effect on what can and can’t be done in the go-go bars.

However, Ermita is still one of the best districts to find a high quantity of freelancers in the bars and the pricing in this district is more affordable than in Malate and P Burgos Street because of this.

Best Bars: LA Cafe, Amazonia

Girls: 6/10

Bars: 6/10

Pricing: Low to Mid-range


While not the safest district of Manila, Malate is known for it’s great shopping and massage parlours. It is also known for it’s high quality of freelancer that can be found in most areas of the district. While Malate is not known for it’s bars, the quality of girl that you can find in Malate is very high.. but the price goes with the quality.

Girls: 9/10

Bars: 4/10

Price: Expensive

ESDA Entertainment Complex

Located in the District of Pasay, south west of Makati, is the ESDA Entertainment Complex. Like the name suggests, the ESDA is a large building… similar to a strip mall, that contains 7 bikini bars that are owned by the same owner. While the district Pasay is lacking in restaurants and other types of entertainment, the quality of the girls working in the complex is high and you can find something for every taste there.

Girls: 8/10

Bars: 6/10

Price: Mid-range

Entertainment: 8/10


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